Terms & Coditions

Head Office :
Vijay Bomra
[RMG Software]
[Software Developemnt, Domain and Web Design, Messaging and Consultancy Services]
C-175, St.6, Setia Colony
Sri Ganganagar - 335001 (Raj.)
email : rmgsoftware@gmail.com

Office Working Hours
Mon-Sat : 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (except national holidays)
Office Working Hours (Online Support only - Internet - Remote Desktop/Device/Electronically/Message/Mail)
Our all communications with customers will be contact less, through internet (remotely) or email or messages.
Please send mail/message/written request by authorized person/mail/mobile first regarding any type of software service/support, we will reply ASAP or contact related person.

Terms & Condition against use and development of Software / Apps / Website / other related online works/jobs/orders/services.:-

Thank you for selecting the Software(s) / App(s) / Website (referred to as products/services) offered by Vijay Bomra [RMG Software] and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates (referred to as "Vijay Bomra [RMG Software]", "I", "we", "our", or "us"). Review these Terms of Service ("Agreement") thoroughly.
This Agreement is a legal agreement between you and us. By accepting electronically (for example, clicking "I Agree"), payment transfer, installing, accessing or using the Services, you are agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to this Agreement, then you can't / may not use the Software / Apps / Services.


2. Any furhter program upgrades / consultation(s) / any changes in available option/facilities will be charged extra acording to work after two months from software Installation Date/Invoice Date whichever is first. So give all requirements in written before software development. (Local taxes extra).

3. No part of the ammended (billed) software/mobile apps/websites/any related contents, not to be piracy, copied, duplicated, distributed, rented, sublicensed, leased, decompile (reverse engineering) or reproduced by any means without written consent of Vijay Bomra. All software(s)/mobile apps/all related contents developed/designed by Vijay Bomra [RMG Software] under copyright act. Otherwise in case of piracy or without permission or without agreement usage of software will be charged/penalty 5,000x (times) of software's cost.

4. All programs / Software(s) / mobile apps is supplied directly in executable/useable form. You have to take backup Daily in Hard Disk and Removable Disk simultaneously. We are not responsible for any type of loss of your software data.

5. Neither Vijay Bomra not its employee/marketing agent/distributors/dealer/any type of authorised agent shall be held responsible for any loss or due to power/hardware failure or expenses incurred in the use of, repair to or servicing of the software.

6. Any ammendments/repair/service which you demand in written/mail, will be fullfill/deliver according to work order/requirement (minimum 10-15 days requires) from demand date and subject to availablity of staff and time. Software Lic.Fee / AMC will be charged annually / New FY Installation 40-100% of first invoice and 10% increament of Lic.Fee / AMC Amount per year. All previous dues/balance have to clear for future transaction otherwise license (also free/evalution/shareware version) of software use will be automatically cancelled or in illegal use and will not provide any type of software service(s). I/We have no objection by sms or email sent by Vijay Bomra/Vijay Bomra/related person/branch/RMG Group(s). I/We have no objection to monitor and record my/our (end user/customer) calls for training and quality purposes including the possibility of using this as evidence.

7. Work will be start after receiving 50-100% advance amount of estimate/quoted amount. After receiving work order/request of software development/reinstallation/re-training/other related or website design or any computer work have to issue work order contract duly signed (mail) at/to favour of Vijay Bomra. After completion of Software/Website/ordered work, a work satisfaction certificate will be issue by customer within 15 days in favour of Vijay Bomra else it will assumed that ordered work/request is fully satisfied as per requirement. Advance will not be refund in any case after receiving order. Due to security reasons, have to update software 3-4 times in a year (offline/online). Undecided work/unclear policy's company/firm's work order will be done on daily basis as per no.of persons minimum @Rs.5000-10000 per day as per office working hours (TA-DA Extra @ day basis). Software installation charges and training charges as per agreement or will be charged extra as per requirement and time as per computer(s) and trainee person(s).

* Software orders / installations / training / any type of related service will be online through internet only.
* SOFTWARE license is offered for one financial year (license/installation), after that re-installation/any related service software license required to be renewed on the basis of license renewal charges as per agreement/mail. New versions of SOFTWARE in only available to CUSTOMER who pays license renewal charges before/on due date.
* Customization Charges will be extra as per requirments after development of software (as per agreement or mail).
* Our all softwares will be single (one) user / PC / installation. Multi user / Networking environment will be charged as per requirements. Internet usage are compulsion.
* Extra per user cost/company/reinstallation/re-training/data checking Rs.5,000-20,000/- will be charged or @hourly basis or as per software license agreement / mail.
* Software data checking / Consultation Rs.2,000 @hourly basis will be charged or as per software license agreement / mail.
* Online support for installation, training & implementation as per availability of staff or time. (as per agreement or mail)
* Online support after receiving request mail or message or call as per availablity of staff and time.
* No. of Free Online Software Services will be 10-15 as per agreement/mail, after that will be charged Rs.1,500-10,000 as per agreement or mail.
* During working hours/days any consultation service or calls will be charge minimum Rs.1000/- @call (missed or talked) or Rs.2000-5000 @hour/service/call/consultation or as per agreement or mail.
* Except working hours/days service or calls will be charge minimum Rs.1500/- @service/call (missed or talked) or Rs.2000-5000 @hour/service/call as per agreement or mail.
* Training Charges/Consultation Charges will be Rs.1500-2500 @hour or Rs.8000-15000 @day Basis (TA DA will be charged extra) or as mail / agreement.
* Our All Software's License fee & upgradation for 1 (one) financial year or till New Financial Year Installation. After 1 (one) year or new FY installation software license fee will be charge as per agreement or 40-100% of first invoice or as per mail/agreements.
* Due to without paying software license fee/any balance, any type of software support/service will not provide and will be act as piracy activities. Related software license, orders and bill(s)/invoice(s) automatically cancelled.
* User/Customer will provide latest computer(s), experienced hardware service provider and good & qualified staff/accountant/manager for opertaing of software provide by LICENSOR. Software's working and performance depends on staff, Networking and hardware.
* Telephonic support/online assistance from local support service centres/customer care (as per agreement or mail) and during working hours.
* Out of station service or except 3 km from "Vijay Bomra (RMG Software)" Head Office, will be charged Minimum Rs.5000-30000 or @hour basis and Travelling Exp.+Daily Allowance extra.

* Our Consultancy Service(s) are not free, will be charged minimum Rs.2000-5000 for first hour and next subsequent Rs.1500-5000 @hourly will be charged during working hours and days. We use only remote meeting or desktop for consultation during working hours and days.
* For detailed price and charges schedule please visit http://www.rmgsoftech.com/price.html .
8. WEB / Online Works related design, service and development one time charge after approval / confirmation by email or sms by authorized id of customer. Annual Lic.Fee / AMC will not accept. Every/Each change or ammendments/service will be charged according to work. All matter which will be publish on website provide by customer on email/sms/CD. Customer will be responsible, in case of providing any copyright matter/material. All previous dues/balance have to clear for future transaction otherwise license/services of all software/domain/hosting /any type of service provided by RMG will be automatically cancelled. Domains & hosting ownership transfer to user after clearance certificate against Vijay Bomra’s invoice, dues or balance. Once site register / publish, advance will not be refund. Database related programming (source code) will not be given to customer. Data backup given to customer in text or compitable format. Please visit http://www.rmgsoftech.com/price.html and http://www.rmgsoftech.com/terms.html to see website design charges.

9. Android Mobile Apps related development, service and development one time charge after approval / confirmation by email or sms by authorized id of customer. Customer/User should take backup of offline version app's data, i/we or related staff not responsible for any type of loss or incurred expenses due to. Every/Each change or ammendments/service will be charged according to work. Customer will be responsible, in case of providing any copyright matter/material. All previous dues/balance have to clear for future transaction otherwise license/services of all apps/software/domain/hosting /any type of service provided by us will be automatically cancelled. Source Code will not given to customer in any case. Data backup (in case of online version) given to customer in text or compitable format. Please visit our services detail to see design charges.
If any customer make online payment to their service provider's account through app, in case of any dispute customer should contact their service provider, not developer, developer is not reponsible (like refund, any loss or any expenses incurred).
10. If any user/customer planning to change our software or related service(s), have to inform us minimum 30 days in advance and have to clear all dues/balances if any. We will co-operate and will help in export of software data as per quotation/agreement/charges. Without intimation/information we can't help in time and software license will be auto cancelled and act as pirated under copyright act. Data Export (Excel or PDF format, any compatible mode) Charges Rs.3000-5000 per reports @ year.

11. All software(s) developed by "Vijay Bomra" under copyright act.

I/We always send software quotation and terms and condition to our customers by mail (electronically only) before finalizing software development and installation or new FY or software license renewal order.

Please make payment / order after read our terms & conditions and if you are completely satisfied and agree with our terms and conditions.
Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
E.& O.E.